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Realtors and everyone else are wrong about net neutrality

The net neutrality debate is based on a mental model of the internet that hasn’t been accurate for more than a decade. We tend to think of the internet as a massive public network that everyone.

Why Everyone Was Wrong About Net Neutrality. Selling broadband is a great business: Moffet has pointed out that the margins are north of ninety-seven per cent. Stated simply, a strong net-neutrality rule locks in the status quo for the most profitable part of the cable industry’s business.

You would too: in the past four years Genachowski’s FCC has dealt with everything from the rise of LTE networks and the explosion of mobile devices to the net neutrality debate and. metrics were.

Culture net neutrality rules are gone. What’s everyone saying? The FCC’s reversal of Obama-era laws protecting an open internet goes into effect.

Sprint is totally chill with destroying net neutrality. The executives have it down to an art form. Just make sure you say at least three times that "we don’t want to slow down anyone’s internet" and "we will never create fast lanes and slow lanes," and you can get seemingly prevent 90% of the outrage.

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In the United States, net neutrality, the principle that Internet service providers ( ISPs) treat all.. How can government ensure that the nascent Internet will permit everyone to be able to compete with everyone else for the opportunity to provide any.. "Net neutrality is bad policy for the U.S. and bad policy for the world".

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CenturyLink is being paid $500 MILLION in tax money yearly for rural broadband expansion and they’re only using it to cover areas that someone else covers already so they can stifle competition, completely ignoring unserved areas.

The infernal Internet emerges from the recent debate over net neutrality. naturally. for nanoseconds of advantage has companies grappling ceaselessly for real estate. The titans of this Internet.

In science fiction novels like “Little Brother,” he has explored the implications of mass surveillance, and on the popular blog Boing Boing, he has written on topics such as net neutrality.

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