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Realtor confidence on home price growth slips, but solid

Freddie: Mortgage rates rise but still near mid-2013 lows Key takeaways for homebuyers now that interest rates are rising Key takeaways: The economy is exhibiting its most robust growth in a year across a broad range of indicators, providing solid momentum into 2017 and strong support for property fundamentals. But interest rates are rising, and January brings the uncertainty of a new administration-both of which may alter the playing field for investors.NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. fixed mortgage rates crept higher in the past week, but hovered near all-time lows and more than a percentage point below rates a year ago, Freddie Mac said on. sales to.

A new report from real estate marketplace Zillow shows housing inventory grew 1.2 percent last. Home prices posted strong increases on both an annual and monthly basis during August.. The housing market has been red hot in the last five years, but there have been signs it has. New home sales slip in February.

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Consumer and business confidence has slipped over recent quarters in the wake of heightened economic uncertainty and a yet-unresolved Sino-U.S. trade dispute, discouraging residential investment.

The Residential REIT (REZ), Real Estate. growth has finally returned to a more normal pace. housing production, however, has not. The shortfall in new homes is keeping the pressure on house.

The real estate market fluctuates all the time, going up or down. But, she said, if a property is near transit or in a desirable metro area with a. slow and inventory builds and price growth slows to a standstill.". As it happens, the second sign of a market slipping is when sellers start lowering asking prices,

The national real estate market has been strong for over a decade.. However, high home prices and a lack of available inventory have kept some. Traditionally, real estate follows a cyclical pattern — but the current period has. Another growing real estate trend, especially in high-priced markets, is the.

Fannie Mae has issued a solid U.S. housing market forecast for next. But I believe that Fannie Mae's upbeat forecast is a pipe-dream as the. This price increase can be attributed to a lack of housing supply. The National Association of Realtors reports that the supply of homes on the market slipped 5.7%.

Coupled with mortgage rate increases, higher prices are stifling home sales as. growth is needed to drive consumer confidence, particularly in the housing market.. strong demand for housing, but in this environment of rising home prices and. While they were unchanged from July, the slip from last year marks the sixth.

Commercial real estate price growth. and stronger confidence and spending from both consumers and businesses boosted economic expansion to a solid 3.0 percent last quarter,” says Yun. “There’s legs.