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John Fikany joins Quicken Loans as VP of strategy

Prior to the Fikany Group, he was the Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development for. rock holdings/quicken loans. Along with Strategy and.

Former Microsoft Senior Executive John Fikany joins OpTech Board of. today that John Fikany, former Vice President of Microsoft, Oracle and Quicken Loans,

Attack on the Duergar Warcamp - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 4 View John Fikany's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.. Join now to see all activity. Vice President of Strategy and development. quicken loans is the largest employer in downtown Detroit, and the largest.

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John Fikany is the founder and CEO of The Fikany Group, an independent consulting firm. The Fikany Group. Prior to starting his own company, Fikany served as vice president of strategy and corporate development for Rock Holdings/Quicken Loans. Along with strategy. Become a Member; Join Now.

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John Fikany is VP:Strategy Development at Quicken Loans Inc. See John Fikany’s compensation, career history, education, & memberships.

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Most recently, he was the vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development for Rock Holdings/Quicken Loans, where he was responsible for.

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Detroit-based Quicken Loans recently announced veteran detroit technology executive john fikany has joined the company as Vice President of Strategy.

Quicken Loans hired John Fikany as vice president of strategy, a newly created role at the lender. In this new position, Fikany will be responsible for development of strategy and execution for.

John Fikany joins quicken loans as VP of strategy Detroit-based Quicken Loans has announced that veteran Detroit technology executive John Fikany has joined the company as vice president of strategy, where he will be responsible for development of strategy and execution for large technology and other initiatives, while identifying and leveraging technology and business opportunities within.